Eurgh. Sorry about this, but I need to have a little rant. It’ll probably become a big rant. And I’m sorry about that. I don’t know if I’m just noticing this, or whether people have always been like it. But what is it with people’s attitudes these days?

What’s with the attitudes?

I used to think I was an intelligent woman. But every single day I’m shaking my head with incredulity at certain people’s attitudes. It’s not all people, of course. I’d like to think that the majority of people have nice attitudes. But there are a lot with bad attitudes.

Maybe I’m just noticing attitudes because I’m spending more time on social media at the moment. Or maybe it’s because COVID-19 has brought all the people with bad attitudes out of the woodwork. I don’t know. But I am finding it so hard at the moment NOT to comment :

“Oh just fuck off Karen. Seriously. Fuck the fuck off and stay there.”

On practically every single post I see on the ‘community’ pages on Facebook!!

Wrong attitudes!

I’ve seen posts from people questioning whether there are ways to get around social distancing. Whether having a pre-planned excuse if they are stopped by the Police doing something they already know isn’t permitted, will be enough to “get away with it”.

It’s not fucking fat club Karen! It’s not a case of being given a set of rules and then ‘tweaking’ them so you can carry on eating shit but pretending you’re on a diet.
This isn’t ‘stick your activity tracker on your dog’ for the week so you can ‘earn’ more syns to ‘spend’ on Lambrini.
This isn’t standing on the scales, seeing a gain and then blaming it on eating too many bananas in a week. When your timeline is full of you chugging pints of Cider and stuffing your face with £20 worth of chips.

It’s a GLOBAL PANDEMIC for fucks sake.

Karens of the World… Let that sink in for a minute. It’s GLOBAL. As in : fucking everyone can get it, everywhere in the World. So stop moaning that it’s not fair that you can’t drive your dog somewhere for a walk.

I don’t think it’s fair that frontline staff are working flat-out, in wartime conditions without personal protective equipment. Some of them have had to move out of their family home, away from pets, partners, children and everything that brings them comfort, to go to work – unprotected to save people’s lives. Even people with moronic attitudes will be treated in the same way as people who have respectful, sensible attitudes.

Do you think at any point in their day they’re wondering what excuse they can make up in case they get stopped by the police whilst driving somewhere to walk their dog?

Are. They. Fuck.

What they are doing is trying to remember what their child’s hair smells like. Or trying to remember when the last time they hugged their partner was. Maybe they are thinking about how nice it would be to go to a supermarket and be able to buy things they fucking need to survive. Or perhaps, they are wishing they could feel the sun on their face and have a leisurely walk anywhere.

They definitely aren’t bothered about whether you can stick your dog in a car and drive it to a place where you can walk it.

And you know what? Your dog probably doesn’t care either. They’d be much happier having a walk on their lead around your local area, than they would be stuck in a rehoming centre because you flouted the rules and dropped dead.

So 👏 For 👏 The 👏 Last 👏 Time 👏

  • Stay the fuck inside
  • Don’t go and visit your friends
  • Don’t meet up for a BBQ on the beach
  • Walk your dog somewhere local
  • Stay off the roads unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY
  • Wash your hands
  • Protect the NHS
  • Stay 2 meters apart from everyone you don’t live with
  • Stop panic buying toilet paper, and
  • Stop complaining about the queues

Do you know why supermarkets have had to put in a special queuing system? To stop 63,912 people rushing in at once to buy pasta they don’t eat.

Do you know why our Government has given Police new powers? Because people with I-feel-fine attitudes refused to comply with social distancing, putting everybody at risk.
That’s you Karen.

And whilst I’m on a roll…

Being symptom free doesn’t mean Covid-19 free

Just because you feel fine and healthy doesn’t mean that you don’t already have the virus. It doesn’t mean that you can’t spread it on to others either. You’re infectious even before you start having symptoms. The whole point of social distancing and banning all unnecessary travel is to stop the virus spreading.

I’m not very good at creating fancy graphics, so I’ll try and explain this in words.

COVID-19 has an infection rate of around 3. That means if you have it, you will pass it on to 3 people. If each of those 3 people pass it on to another 3 people each, that’s already 13 people infected (including yourself). By the time you repeat this infection cycle 10 times, you will have directly contributed to 59,000 becoming infected.
You can read more here.

Imagine that. 59,000 people because you wouldn’t follow advice. Staggering.

Attitudes to these scenarios

If that hasn’t put you off unnecessary outings, let’s look at a few everyday situations that might explain it better.

Car accidents

Causing or being involved in a car accident means Ambulances, Police and Firefighters potentially having to attend the scene. Or even the Air Ambulance.
On a conservative estimate, that’s

  • 1 Ambulance
  • 2 Paramedics
  • 1 Police car
  • 2 Police officers
  • 1 Fire engine
  • 6 Firefighters

Having to attend a scene. In reality, probably more. That’s an additional 10 people you’re coming into close contact with. Remember, you can infect 3. So the question is : Which one of those do you want to infect?


Or how’s about your car breaks down and you need to call out a breakdown service? Whichever mechanic comes out to you, could have been around any number of people, symptom-free either passing on the virus or catching it. You don’t know who he has at home. Could be a pregnant wife, could be a child with significant health problems that makes them extremely vulnerable. Could you live with yourself if you knew that the mechanic would catch the virus from you and share it all around the County and to his family? Remember : 59,000 people if you only pass it on to 3 people.

Flouting guidelines

Why, why, WHY would you continue to go out and do things you shouldn’t just because someone on Facebook says there aren’t Police enforcing it in your area? Are you that stupid that you need to have Police physically telling you in person and then escorting you back to your house, before you listen? Why can’t you make that decision and do it without dragging Police officers into it? Why must Police officers (with children, family, friends, vulnerable or not) have to go out to enforce something that you know you can’t do, because you don’t think Government guidelines apply to you?

Forcing total lockdown

And what’s the deal with waiting for the Government to bring in total lockdown before taking this seriously? Because that’s what’s going to happen next. You and your do-what-I-want attitudes will force the Government to put us in total lockdown. And then nobody will be going anywhere.

What will your dog think about that Karen? Will it be proud of its owner for disobeying measures put into place to protect us all, therefore costing everybody any freedom? Is your dog going to be happy that it can’t be walked anywhere?


Help the NHS

It’s no good posting videos of you clapping for the NHS, when you’re continuing to flout the very rules that are in place to protect the NHS.
I can’t speak for all NHS staff, but I think they’d rather you didn’t flout guidelines and stayed at home to protect them, instead of you having a Bank Holiday attitude and spreading the virus around. How’s about rather than clapping for the NHS for 2 minutes, you do something that actually helps them?
Like sticking to the fucking guidelines???

Attitudes to mic drop

Rant over.


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