We recently had some family fun at Fishers Farm Adventure Park in Wisborough Green, West Sussex.
We had such a great time that we have been there a couple of times since.

Family fun at fishers farm adventure park girl in a trampoline
Family fun at Fishers Farm Adventure Park

Family fun at Fishers Farm Adventure Park

Today I am going to review our day of family fun at Fishers Farm. We went here on Sunday afternoon because me and Emily were feeling sad because it was one year since our Grandad died. Mummy said we should go and do something fun because Grandad liked us to be happy. 

Family fun at Fishers Farm Adventure Park : the first time.

Ruby’s review 11th November 2019

I am going to write about our family fun at Fishers Farm Adventure Park too. Mummy found it on Google and it looked really good on their website.
We got lost on the way there because Mummy had left her phone in the boot so we stopped somewhere so she could get it out. There were loads of cows where we stopped so me and Emily fed them some of their hay. Mummy found out where we needed to go then we got back in the car. 

When we got to Fishers Farm Adventure Park, the nice lady where you had to pay gave me and Emily a token each to ride a pony. We went straight over to the pony riding bit. I went on one called Scooter and Emily went on one called Rebel. You go round in a big circle and then get off again. I wished it was longer because I really like horse riding. If we go again then I want to get lots of tokens and do more horse riding. 

Meeting the animals

Then we went into a place that had animals inside it and I was so happy because I found a really cute little sheep. It was called Frodo and it loved me and kept giving me kisses. I wanted to take him home but Mummy said he already had a home. Mummy was happy because she got to stroke some Highland Coos that remind her of Scotland. They are her favourite animal.

Family fun by meeting farm animals like a friendly sheep
Just me and a really cute sheep

Trying out the activities

After we saw all the animals, we went and did some quad biking. It was really funny because Mummy, me and Emily had one each and we were having a race. Mummy looked a bit silly when me and Emily’s ones ran out of time but hers was still going. Me and Emily ran away and left her going round and round. 

Then we went and played on some of the play things like the bouncy pillow and zip wire and had a hot chocolate and then we had to go home because it was dark and they were closing. 

Me and Emily really want to go back again soon so I can see my sheep and Emily can see her horse that she loves and we can do more quad biking. 

If you have never been there then you should go there soon because it is so much fun and the animals like having people to look at. It is one of the best fun activities for kids near us. 

Emily’s review 11th November 2019

Ruby has already put a lot of what I was going to write in my post. I also think you should go to Fishers Farm Adventure Park soon . The money that you pay helps to look after the animals and the animals are all really nice and tame.

Meeting the animals

There was a really big shire horse called Duke that really liked me giving him cuddles and stroking his nose. I wanted to try and sneak him out but Mum said that would be impossible because he was really tall. I got to ride a different horse though and that was fun even when I thought I was going to fall off. It only costs £1 to ride them which is really cheap. 

There were some guinea pigs and other animals too that you could stroke. There are lots of places to wash your hands before and after you stroke the animals. That is so you don’t get poorly from bacteria.
I really liked the quad bikes and next time we go I am going to buy loads of tokens and go on them for ages. Those tokens are £1 too. 

What activities are there?

There was so many different bits on the farm and we didn’t even do half of them. We only had 3 hours there because Mum got us lost before we got there. I think you have to go there for a whole day to do everything that is there.

There is quad biking, horse riding, a giant bouncy pillow, big zip wires, parks, golf, climbing walls, rides, and a whole bunch of other stuff we didn’t get to see.

The animals

There are loads of different animals there that you can learn about and stroke. All the animals have their own names and little bits of information about them by their houses. Some of the animals live there because something sad happened to them. They must like where they live now because they get looked after and loads of children wanting to hug them.

I was really sad to go home because I wanted to explore more but they were closing. Mum said we can go back again really soon and be there for a whole day. If we do that then I will tell you about the other things that they have there. 
I hope you enjoyed reading this and hope that you want to go there too because it is really good fun. But you should wear wellies because it was muddy. And a coat if it’s cold too.

Family fun at Fishers Farm Adventure Park : second visit

Ruby’s review 18th November 2019

I really love Fishers Farm Adventure Park, It’s so much fun right from when you walk in until you have to go home. There was lots of things I wanted to do last time but we ran out of time. 
This time I went straight to see my sheep Frodo, and then I tried out the climbing wall. It’s different to doing it at Out of Bounds but I like it because it’s outside and you don’t get all sweaty. Next time we go I am going to bring trainers too because it was a bit hard doing it in my wellies. 

New things we tried out

I was a bit nervous doing the squirrel run because the net moved when I was walking through it but Mummy and Emily told me I could do it so I did. 

I liked the farmy assault course. That was easy. The tower was really difficult though and I kept falling down, but it was really funny. 

Girl climbing over assault course
The farmy assault course

Just near that tower is a big slope bit that you slide down in big blow up rings. They have handles on them so that it’s easier to carry them up the steps and to hold on to when you slide down because you slide down really fast. 
Me and Emily and Phoebe did it so much and Mum was recording us. There are little rings for small people and bigger ones for adults or for 2 people to go in. It’s so much fun. We even made Mummy go in one a few times and that was really funny because she never does things like that. 

Sliding down a hill in an inflatable ring is great family fun
Sliding down a hill in an inflatable ring is so much fun

The Farm show

Some of the people that work there bring some of the animals into a little area so people can watch them and learn about them. But I was really sad at the farm show because I wanted to feed a sheep because they are my best animals that are there, but only adults could do that. Mummy did it because it reminded her of when she was little and her Grandad had a whole field of sheep that she used to help feed so she was happy. 

I did get to stroke some animals at the animal meet and greet and feed a huge rabbit a carrot so that was nice. Then I went to stroke the sheep. 

We tried out the indoor soft play too this time. We were having a lot of fun until a man called me and Phoebe a really rude word. We told Mummy and she went and had a word with him and made him say sorry to us. He said we hurt his 2 year old but we didn’t and Mummy said that the soft play had a sign on it saying 5 years and older so his son shouldn’t even have been in there. I think there should be one of the people that work there seeing who goes in there.

Anyway we really love it here and I think everyone should go here and have a fun day out. We are going to get annual passes for Christmas so we can go every week!

Emily’s review 18th September 2019

I was so excited to go back to Fishers Farm Adventure Park, The first place I went was to see Duke and I think he remembered me because he came over to me for a cuddle. Then we went to try out some of the things we didn’t have time for last week. 

The climbing wall

We went to the climbing wall first. 
The lady that helped us was really nice and was telling us the best places to put our feet and hands so that we could climb higher. I just wanted to climb high enough so that when I jumped down it would be fun. I really like hanging from the wire. I tried out all the walls and the blue one was the easiest for me to do. 

Two girls climbing up an outdoor rock climbing wall
Emily and Ruby on the climbing wall

The squirrel run

After that, we went on something called the squirrel run. This is really fun. It’s like a big net that is hanging high in the air between some trees and you have to climb through the net between the trees. I really liked this. I didn’t feel scared because it felt really safe. I went on it loads because I could do it fast but Phoebe and Ruby took longer because they didn’t like being so high up. 

Girl climbing through suspended climbing nets at fishers farm
Emily inside the squirrel run

Then we went and played on some of the things outside like the big jumpy pillow, the swings, the zip wire and the castle. The castle is really cool becsuse there are lots of bits to climb and hide in and lots of different slides. 
Then we went and played crazy golf which was funny because I was really good but Mum kept missing the ball. 
Me and Mum went in the maze and we had a race to see who could get out first. Mum won by a little bit. 

The farm show

At 1.30 there was a farm show where some people that worked there brought out lots of different animals and told us all about them. It was a really fun way to learn about them. The best bit is that the lady asked for some volunteers to feed some animals and me and Phoebe got to hand feed some goats! They were super cute. Then they brought out a highland cow and we were allowed to hand feed her too! Mum was jealous because they are her best animal. The cow’s tongue was really tickly and I couldn’t stop laughing. We got to give her a hug too. It was so cool. 

Girls hand feeding a highland cow at fishers farm
Emily hand feeding a highland cow

At 2 there was a meet the animals thing in the barn and we got to stroke a chinchilla, a giant rabbit, some Guinea pigs , a tortoise and a chick. They were all really sweet, The rabbit was so soft. If you go here you should definitely do all of these things.

Fun on Sky Fall

The best thing we did was the sky fall thing. Even though the big jump was too scary for me I really liked jumping off the lower one.  Grown ups can do it too but Mum didn’t. 

We had loads of fun and because we knew where everything was from last time and the staff are really nice it feels safe and is really good fun. 
I really think you should go there. There are lots of things for little children to do too and they will really like the animals too.



  1. We’ve never been to Fishers farm before. We’ve been to Aldingbourne and Washbrookes farm but my boys are too old now to enjoy them. We will definitely be giving Fishers farm a go in the Spring as it looks much more entertaining for my boys age groups.
    Thanks for such a great, in depth review.

    1. Yay do it! Your boys will love it. There is so much there for all different age groups that I’m pretty confident it will keep them all happy at the same time. Let me know when you want to go and we’ll come too 🙂

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