If you’re looking for ways to get in touch with me, you’ve come to the right place.

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Get in touch

Oh hi there 👋

I have no friends, and spend my life talking to myself. So I really love hearing from my readers!
Just kidding.
I actually talk to the dog.

Seriously though, I’d love to hear from you about just about anything! Please feel free to get in contact with questions, comments or general wonderings. Good or bad. Although I would prefer good, obviously.

I like to respond to all comments left on my blog, so make sure you check back if you’ve been nice enough to leave me one for my reply.

You can get in touch with me in a variety of ways;

  • Comment on individual blog posts
  • Email me : fourfoxsakeblog@gmail.com
  • Hit my social media buttons & follow me
  • Carrier pigeon*
  • In person (if you know me!)

*please don’t send a carrier pigeon, I am petrified of birds.

Fellow blogger?

If you’d like to collaborate on a project, or want to guest post on my blog, please email me at fourfoxsakeblog@gmail.com

I am honoured to have collaborated with Sophia Patel on a couple of her blog posts. You should definitely check her out if you’re a lover of all things beautiful and lifestyle.

The posts I have collaborated on are;

My favourite things about Christmas


My favourite things about Halloween

I really loved taking part in these, and would love to do more.

Business or service?

Emily and Ruby love trying out new things and experiences, and they really enjoy reviewing them. So if you have anything you’d like a child’s view on, please get in touch with me.
Emily and Ruby write their posts themselves, (by hand, because I’m mean and like them to use the opportunity to practice their cursive writing ✍️). Then I type them up, word for word, add the images, do the SEO bit and make sure all the alt text is correct before publishing.

I do not tell them what to write or influence what they write or think at all. Their opinions and reviews genuinely are their own.

They would love the chance to write about anything from books, magazines, toys, days out, crafts, museums, farms or projects!

If it’s more of an adult perspective you’re after, I am more than happy to collaborate, review, or try out products or services. And will always give an honest and unbiased opinion.
I will always display an “AD” next to a post I have been asked to write about, paid or otherwise. If you don’t see the “AD” next to a post, it’s because it’s something we’ve done, bought or experienced organically.

You can also get in touch with me here:

Hannah-Marie Fox

3 Lansdowne Place, Worthing, BN11 5HD

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