Girl wearing stripy jumper ice skating at Worthing ice rink
Me at Worthing ice rink

Worthing ice rink : review by Emily

Is you want to know if Worthing ice rink is good for children then you should read this review.
We have been to Worthing ice rink about 5 times in the last few weeks.

The first time I went here was when I was 5 with my Dad, but I found it too hard and he wasn’t very good at helping me. Because he didn’t know how to skate either.

I went again with my best friend on a Saturday and it was so much fun. I had a little penguin thing that you can push around to help you get used to the ice. Me and my friend really enjoyed it so I asked Mum to take me and my sister Ruby a couple of days later.

When we went it was really quiet and we pretty much had the ice rink to ourselves. This was really good because Ruby hadn’t been before so she didn’t have to worry about people knocking her over.
Mum hired us both penguins to start with to help us feel confident. It really didn’t take long for us both to stop using them and then just skate on our own. I think that because we have had roller boots we found it easier to keep our balance. We were there for a few hours and we both got really good. 

We went again the next day and even though it was a bit busier we were still able to skate around. This time we didn’t need any help at all, not even holding on to the sides, and we just got on the ice and skated off. We even tried out doing little spins. Mum was really surprised how confident we got so quickly.

Is it good for children?

I went again with my friend from school and she was really nervous. We hired her a penguin and then she had a good time. The penguins are really good for people that haven’t been before or who need some help being confident on the ice. They are quite cute as well.
There are loads of different sized ice skates and they are easy to put on. The tighter you do them up the easier it is to skate because your feet are more secure.

Me and Ruby have been again a few times because it is legit my best thing to do in Worthing. I really wish it was here all the time so I could get my own ice skates. I would go every day so I could learn to do big spins and skate backwards. 

There is a man that works there that skates really fast backwards and I want to be as good as him.

When is Worthing ice rink open?

I think that the ice rink is there until January or February so that’s good because it means we can go quite a lot more. It’s open from 12.30pm to 9pm during the week when kids are at school and then from 10am to 9pm in the holidays.

At weekends it’s open 10am to 9pm.

How much does it cost?

There are different prices for children and adults and the price is a little bit higher at peak times. But it’s totally worth it for how much fun you have. You can also get family tickets too.
You get skates given to you with the price you pay to get in, and there is a nice cafe bit for drinks and things to eat and toilets and lots of places to sit. 

There are sometimes deals on Groupon where you can get tickets even cheaper!

Can everybody go to Worthing ice rink?

One day we were there and there was a really old lady in a wheelchair and the people that worked there took her on the ice and pushed her around a lot. That was nice that she got to do it even though she couldn’t get out of her chair. So that shows you that anybody can go there even if you can’t skate.

I think it’s a really really good place to go, especially for children because it’s so much fun.
You should wear gloves and layers because it’s cold at first but the more you skate the hotter you get. So if you wear layers you can take some things off.

So go and check out Worthing ice rink.

If you want to have some fun, you should definitely go here. The people that work there are really nice too and will always help you if you need help.

Is Worthing ice rink good for children? Yes. It definitely is.

By Emily x


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