Hey there baby. It’s your soon-to-be Auntie. I would say favourite auntie, but I don’t want to be presumptuous. (Who am I kidding?!) As of now, you’re still tucked up in your bubble of fluid in your Mummy’s belly. You’re busily growing bigger and stronger by the day. And how do I know this little niece? Because I’ve been honoured enough to see you, not once, but twice now in utero.

Hello little niece

The first time I saw you, little niece, your Mummy was 13 weeks pregnant. She had an appointment for a Nuchal Translucency scan, and she asked me if I wanted to go with her. Of course I did, I’m a sucker for an ultrasound. And there you were, this little tiny human, floating around inside your Mummy – my little sister, kicking and waving and cheekily moving away from the transducer.

A tiny little miracle baby.

I can’t put into words how I felt right then, little niece. Wonder, excitement, happiness and love.
Wonder that I was seeing you growing inside my sister.
Excitement that you were the first baby I’d seen that wasn’t growing inside me.
Happiness that you were healthy and strong.

And so much love for the little tiny human dancing away inside her own little bubble.

We meet again little one

I got to see you again today little niece. Because you were being a little pickle bum during Mummy’s 20 week scan, and wouldn’t keep still, it had to be repeated. (Not that I’m complaining.)
But you did at least keep still enough during that scan so Mummy and Daddy could find out what you are!

Phoebe Buffay writing its not a boy on a welcome home banner.
Shockingly, after 3 boys in a row, you’re not a boy!

Today I got to watch in awe, as the 4 chambers of your little tiny heart were checked. I watched the beautiful little flutterings of your beating heart, in your tiny little chest. I saw the tiny white bones that make up your spine, your arms and your legs, because you kept still this time. I guess you were sleeping.

And then a tiny little face appeared on the screen, and it hit me that I was actually looking at my little niece. You. My little niece who doesn’t know me yet. But I already know how your heart beats.

The little niece who has no idea who’s excitedly waiting for her to be born. But I do; Parents, brothers, cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents, great aunties, great uncles, great grandparents and friends. A huge family who all know about you, who can’t wait to hold you, love you and watch you grow.

The little niece who has no idea what an amazingly strong woman she has for a Mummy. But I do. In the last year I’ve watched your Mummy overcome things that a superhero would struggle to deal with. And that’s not including the horrendous months of constant puking that you put her through. Little pickle.

You don’t know me yet little niece

You don’t know me yet little niece, but I promise you this : I’ll always be around. I’ll be around when you’ve kept your parents up for a week straight. And they’re so desperate to sleep they can’t remember their names. But I’ll be there to cuddle you, watch over you and take you for walks so your parents can nap.

Your parents can shout to me for help when you have your first poonami. (Don’t tell them this, but I won’t be helping, I’ll be laughing hysterically in the background.)

I’ll be around for everything from babysitting to cheering you on at sports day to consoling you after your first heartbreak. (After I’ve been and knocked out whoever broke your heart first that is!)

Little niece, McLovin getting punched in the face
I won’t actually do this 🙂 Or will I?

Whatever you need me for little niece, I’m there for you. With a huge cuddle, a big smile, a dash of sarcasm, some inappropriate language, a fair amount of dry humour and lots and lots of coffee. I mean wine. I mean love. Yes; that’s what I mean. Lots and lots of love.

I can’t wait to meet you little niece, and watch you grow into whatever you want to be.



  1. I’m crying like a baby. I’ve not met my granddaughter yet. I look forward to that. If aunty Hannah will share you.😂🤣

  2. Well, I’m a bit biased as this blog post was written about me and my baby girl. But it brought a tear to my eye. What beautiful words.
    You are and will continue to be an awesome Aunty.
    Oh and you will totally be called upon to babysit whilst I nap 😂🤣

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