Welcome to FourFoxSake, the slightly sweary and occasionally funny parenting blog. Written by a downtrodden Mum of four foxes, also fondly referred to as the sleep thieves.

The foxes are made up of me, Hannah, and my 4 foxes children aged 18 – 8 years. Joe, Jess, Emily and Ruby who collectively drive me absolutely loopy with equal measures of rage, head shaking, laughter, pride and oodles of love. And are the reason I’m known for muttering “four fox sake!” 90 times a day.

Hannah-Marie Fox blogger at FourFoxSake
This IS me, just on a really good day 😉


Once upon a time, I used to enjoy sleeping, a tidy and organised home and never suffered from back ache. Almost 19 years of constantly bending down to pick up everybody else’s crap off the floor has put paid to the healthy back. And also the tidy and organised home, decent amounts of sleep and hair that isn’t grey.

I am often found drinking giant mugs of strong black coffee. I also enjoy the odd gin depending on how my day is going. This largely depends on whether I am dragged out in my pjs to provide my free taxi service. I don’t even know when I applied for that job.

What’s it all about?

People keep telling me that I should write a book, but to be honest, we have that many ridiculous things happen to us, nobody would believe it was true. My life has literally been more dramatic than Eastenders for years. Also, because the children insist on shouting Mum 984,212 times a day I lack the concentration needed. So instead, I have decided to create this slightly sweary and funny single parenting blog.

Single parenting is by far the toughest challenge I have ever faced. But I want other single parents out there to know that with a bit of humour, and a lot of coffee, we can all survive it. I suffer from a whole host of mental health disorders and physical problems too, so that brings a bit of extra stress into daily life too. Honestly, I am a glutton for punishment!

Although I say this is a single parenting blog, it isn’t just for single parents. It’s for every parent who has a bit of sense of humour. Whether you are a grand, single, couple, step or any other kind of parent, I hope there is something you can draw amusement from too.

We live near the sea, in what used to a quiet little road until we rocked up. Every warm and sunny day we can be found down the beach swimming in the sea, with a picnic big enough to feed a small army and often an insanely massively inflatable.

My favourite post on this parenting blog is all about the time we took a massive flamingo to the beach
No joke. It was massive.

Meet the family

Joe is the eldest, and at 6ft 4 pretty much a giraffe, or Joeraff if you will. He is amazing at giving cuddles, changing lightbulbs without needing a ladder and swearing at Fifa.

Jess is the second born, and is a willowy beauty fond of all things expensive, but also partial to pot noodles. She’s the most glamorous thing about this family, and usually pretends we don’t exist. Unless she needs a lift that is.

Emily came after Jess and is essentially a clown. She spends her days doing absolutely crazy things, and is always laughing or making other people laugh. Em never takes herself seriously and keeps everyone amused with her antics. She’s also the one most likely to be down A&E with a suspected broken something or other.

Ruby might be the baby of the family, but she’s the boss. I often joke that if Ruby had been born first, she’d have been an only child. Ruby is small, fierce, able to throw an epic temper tantrum at a moments notice over nothing, but has such a cheeky smile she gets away with everything.

Joe the eldest of the FourFoxSake parenting blog children, making snow angels
Joe when we could fit his whole body in one photo
Emily, third of the FourFoxSake parenting blog children, posing at the upside down house in Brighton
Emily being, well, just Emily
Jess, second of the FourFoxSake parenting blog children looking glam sitting in a garden
The one who looks glam in shorts and a t shirt Jess
Ruby, the 4th of the FourFoxSake parenting blog children, posing at a princess parlour.
Little miss fierce herself, Ruby

As of January 2020, I am chuffed to bits to have been included in Feedspot’s Top 10 UK Single Mom Blogs & Websites to follow in 2020 !!

I’m often found hanging out on Instagram and Twitter so come and join me 💕

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