Like everything else going on at the minute, receiving a blogger’s tag is a first for me. It’s called the Lockdown Silver Linings tag, an idea started by Twin Mummy and Daddy to spread some positivity around in this otherwise bleak time.

I received my tag from the gorgeous human that is Claire, who is one of the first bloggers I came across on Twitter. She’s wonderfully supportive and writes beautifully. You can find her at Our Favourite Jar.

I was so chuffed to receive a tag concentrating on the positives of lockdown. Especially since I’d just found out that someone very dear to me passed away from Covid-19 last night. And I was struggling with finding anything positive today. But thanks to Claire, I’ve had a word with myself and thought about the good things.

My lockdown silver linings

The lockdown silver linings tag

7 silver linings


The first of my silver linings has to be my roots. Because they are legitimately silver. I had no idea just how much the kids have turned me grey grey hair I have naturally. I’m umming and ahhing about whether to throw a box of hair dye over it all, or whether to use lockdown as an excuse to let it all grow out. But for now, I’ve made my peace with having silver linings all over my head.


A few years ago, there was no way I would even entertain the idea that an enforced period of time with the sleep thieves could be a silver lining of anything. But they’re older now. So I don’t have to put up with Peppa bloody Pig on repeat, or cut my feet to shit because of Lego all over the house, or try to stop the older 2 from dragging each other down the stairs by their hair. (All true).

Nor are the smaller 2 obsessed with water and flooding everything the second my back is turned. So that’s nice.

It’s impossible to stay too low for long around these children. They are in equal measures; hilarious, generous, sarcastic, kind, maddening, giggly, quick-witted and snuggly. Apart from David Harbour, I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be in lockdown with, without there being a massive falling out over something silly.

David Harbour you do the maths gif. He would be my lockdown silver lining
I would do the maths with you David 😉

Where we live

Another very important silver lining is our proximity to the beach. Even dawdling, it’s less than a 10 minute walk from our front door to the pebble-shingle-shore. I think I would honestly go crazy if I couldn’t walk down there as often as we have been. Having a dog is a great motivator to get out every day for our permitted exercise too. I try to time our walk until around half an hour before sunset. It’s usually quieter then, and it’s easier to observe the social distancing rules. Also, we get to see some spectacular sunsets before heading home again. When the tide is low and the sun is setting it is honestly like being on another planet. There’s so much quiet and beauty, it really makes me feel serene.
I didn’t realise how much of a sunset lover I was until lockdown. It’s very symbolic for another day survived, and another day closer to being able to see our favourite people again.

Sunset on worthing beach one of the silver linings of living here
Sunset shot from Easter Sunday.


Oh how I love Disney+ and how I love Disney for somehow magically timing the release to perfectly coincide with living la Vida lockdown. It is entertaining us all. Joe had pretty much watched Netflix in it’s entirety, so he’s busy watching Star Wars and all his old favourite films and TV shows. Jess had TOWIE & gossip girl on repeat for months, so it’s been lovely to hear other voices coming from her room for a change. Emily is well into all the National Geographic programs, and Ruby is working her way through what used to be our DVD collection until she drew on them all and ruined them.

Now we don’t have to be up for a specific time, we’ve started having family movie time every night after walking the dog. It feels very indulgent to be sat under blankets watching Disney films until 11pm. It’s brought us together in a lovely way. I find myself really looking forward to staying up late with the kids instead of trying to wrestle them into bed or having to explain until I’m blue in the face why they need to be asleep for 9pm on a school night.

No packed lunches

I hate lunchboxes. I hate cleaning them out, washing them out, and filling them with food that will most likely come home again half eaten and/or squished to buggery. Lunchboxes have a certain smell to them, that no amount of washing, bleaching or replacing them often seems to get rid of. I can’t really explain the smell, but if you know, you know.

Not having to come up with new combinations of food items on the very specific list of acceptable foods is wonderful. Just having the option to slap some Nutella on bread and serve it alongside fruit and proper yoghurt that isn’t in a tube is great. 9 times out of 10 they don’t even want Nutella, but it’s nice to have that as an option. Especially when the fridge is looking a bit bare and I haven’t got to the shops yet. So much less stressful than an emergency run to the Tesco Express next to their school & making up lunchboxes in the car park.

Coffee in pjs

Ah this another sneaky little silver lining. Even at weekends during normal life, there was always the possibility that someone would just pop round for a bit. No matter how slim that possibility, it was enough to make me get dressed. There’s zero chance of that happening now, so I can quite happily sit in my pjs and drink coffee all morning if I want to. Absolutely guilt free. And shockingly (well, not really) I love being in my pjs. They are so much more comfy than normal clothes. I haven’t put jeans on for nearly a month. And for some reason (the lack of tightness around the belly and looseness around the bum probably) that makes me happy.


The last of my lockdown silver linings is time. I have both a lack of time and too much time. It’s weird. There’s plenty of time for snuggles, spending hours pulling up weeds and bushes that I hate, and spending time with my pretty fantastic sleep thieves. But there’s also no time to do all the things I thought that I didn’t have time to do before lockdown. Like sorting through all the stuff that’s piled up in this house over the past 7 years. It turns out that I am a master procrastinator. And I’m pretty comfortable with that.

Anyway. It’s not as though I can take all the crap to the tip if I did work my way through my list is it? Because the tip is shut. I can’t redecorate on a whim either, because B&Q is shut. Nor can I fill the garden with pretty plants that I will then forget to water and watch slowly die. Because all the nurseries are shut too.

So that’s given me both the gift of more time with the kids, and less money wasted. Which is just as well, because having 3 growing children and 1 on a very specific self-imposed weight loss plan, my grocery shopping has gone through the roof!

Tag! Your turn!

Surprisingly, there are a lot more silver linings in living la Vida lockdown than I’d thought. And as much as I appreciate that not everybody is having the best of times at the moment, I’d love to know what your silver linings are. Let me know in the comments.

I’m keen to find out what other bloggers see as their Lockdown Silver Linings, so I’m tagging the following five bloggers to take part in the tag.
Just link back to this blog post so others know where the idea for this came from and if you want to keep this going, you can also tag five other bloggers in your own blog post to share their silver linings too.

My tags are:

Adam @ Dad does Autism

Madi @ Madi Dearson

Finn @ FinnTheInFinncible

Rhiannon @ MrsSleeJones

Tanya @ thephatgirlblog

Looking forward to reading about your Lockdown Silver Linings!



  1. Oh wow – thanks for the tag:) I have a feeling mine would be SO similar to yours – I SO SO SO get the no lunch boxes – thing! I HATE it. And also I am so grateful to be living in the countryside, surrounded by nature we can take walks in. As always – loved your post:)

    1. Thanks Madi, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Are you on Instagram? I’m really missing my countryside walks and seeing all the bluebells popping up all over the place. No more lunchboxes for a while yeehaw 🤠!

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