All week I’ve had one line from an REM song going round and round my head : “It’s the end of the World as we know it”. Sometimes I finish the line with “And I feel fine”, but mostly I haven’t. What is there to feel fine about? The World has changed so much recently, and it’s really hard not to completely freak out about it.

Cat freaking out

It’s not the end of the World

Remember when your kids used to throw a tantrum over something you wouldn’t let them do? Like mashing their banana into the rug? Or preventing them from licking the same lamppost that you just saw a dog pissing against? And you’d say something like “Alright, calm down, it’s not the end of the World”?
Good times.

I’ve been saying this to myself a lot recently. In my head I mean. Not out loud. I’m not that crazy… Yet. (Ask me again after a few weeks of homeschooling).
Things like :

So there’s no pasta? It’s not the end of the World. We’ll have soup & bread instead.

Oh dear, no bread either. That’s ok, I can make some. It’s not the end of the World. Just need some flour.

Wait, there’s no flour either. Don’t panic! Having no bread for a while isn’t the end of the World. We’ll have something with potatoes instead.

Hold on. No potatoes either? What the fuck? Ok. Now panic.

Maybe it is the end of the World

Something weird is definitely going on. First, all the toilet paper and hand sanitiser in the whole UK vanished. Secondly, pasta, potatoes, bread, flour, rice and noodles all vanished. Then, all the dairy products disappeared. And even more worryingly, all the celebrities seem to have disappeared too. First Harry & Meghan did a bunk, and pissed off to Canada. And then all of a sudden, all the rest of the celebrities completely vanished. Into thin air.

Now, either all the celebrities have been bulk buying everything, and are holed up on some tropical island somewhere, using toilet rolls for sunbeds and hand sanitiser as currency. Waiting for the end of the World.
Or else, something weird is going on.

I don’t know what exactly, but something. Maybe something like in that film Deep Impact? Where 800,000 people were chosen to go and live in underground tunnels secretly built by the government, with 200,000 ‘selected’ others.
Maybe that’s where all the celebs, food and toilet rolls have gone.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Or is it? Tin foil hats on for this conspiracy theory

(I don’t actually believe that.)

Deep impact?

Not the movie this time. I’m thinking more of the deeper impact of COVID-19. It’s safe to say that the whole World has changed more in the past few weeks than it has done for years and years.

Everything has been turned upside down. The usual British mantra of “Keep Calm and Carry On” has been replaced with “Fuck everyone else”.
Or at least it seems that way. There are some people going over and above to help others out, but mostly, people are fighting over loo roll.
Which I still don’t understand. Did people not wipe their bottoms before all this?

We’re starting to see which companies value their employees over and above profit. Which has been an eye opener.

We’re also seeing more people working from home than ever before. Ok it might not be practical in the long run, but it’s good to know that it’s an option. Although how much that’s going to change once school’s out will be interesting to say the least 🤔

It’s the end of the world as we know it : the kids will be driving us crazy in no time

The benefits

If we take away the cost to human life from Covid-19, there are some unexpected good things coming out of this apocalypse-shit-show. (I’m not saying that the people who have lost their lives to it don’t matter, because of course they do.)

It’s being reported that people in China are hearing birds singing for the first time. Are seeing stars in the sky for the first time. I mean think about that for a minute. There are people living in the World, right now, who’d never heard a bird or wished upon a star, until recently.

The canals in Venice are running clear for the first time in living memory. You can actually see fish as clear as they would be in an aquarium. And Dolphins have been spotted swimming around Sardinia, because there’s no big boats to frighten them away.

Significant drops in Co2 levels are being reported globally too.

As supermarket stock levels are being depleted, people are beginning to turn away from the big supermarkets and are choosing to shop locally again. Putting more money into the hands of small/medium businesses.

More money is being put into community projects supporting vulnerable adults and children. People are caring about each other, talking to neighbours and running errands for them again.

The deeper impact

We’re seeing just how hard the people that really keep this Country going are working, and valuing them for their contribution, instead of looking down on people for ‘just’ working in a supermarket, or ‘just’ being a carer. There is no ‘just’. We are.

And lastly, having to self isolate with family, is bringing people together again. Actively looking for things to do together instead of living in a half virtual World.

So perhaps Covid-19 isn’t triggering the end of the World. Maybe it’s triggering a reboot of the World. A kinder, more environmentally conscious World, where people look out for each other again, and appreciate every one for what they do.

If this really is the end of the World as we know it – a World where we’re damaging the very thing that gives us life, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe we will be fine.



  1. I don’t know about the family time being a good thing, I mean, Chris and I have a good relationship when we spend a healthy 8/9 hours away from eachother whilst at work. At weekends I could honestly throttle the fucker.

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