Woohoo, we’re now in March!! The shit show that was January has ended. The dark, gloomy days of February have gone. Even with that extra day snuck in at the end. And here we are, in month 3 of 2020 already, and yet it doesn’t really feel like it’s properly started yet. I thought that now would be a good time to check in on those New Years Resolutions we’ve all made.

How are you getting on? Did you manage to stick to any of the resolutions you set yourself way back on New Years Eve 2019? Can you even remember what they were?

I’m feeling pretty smug this year, because the only resolution I set was to Have More Fun. And so far, we’ve stuck to it.

This is the longest amount of time I have ever carried a New Years resolution on for. Normally, I make excuses after the first week (or day) and have forgotten all about them by the end of January. Right up until New Years Eve when I suddenly remember I was meant to have lost 8 stone, got really fit, and started saving for the Christmas that has already gone.

Dustin and Lucas from Stranger Things Netflix show saying whoops. How I feel when it’s time to check in on New Years resolutions.
Indeed boys.

Not this year though. Despite picking a pretty achievable resolution, it’s still not been as easy as I thought it would be. For many reasons.

Time to check in

The biggest impact on our ability to have fun has been the British weather. My God it’s been miserable this year. We are just about to go into week 9* of the New Year and we’ve already had storms named from A-J. That’s 10 storms in under 9 weeks. It’s ridiculous. Even for Britain, it’s beyond a joke.

*As of the 2nd March.

Time to check in : January

We started off the New year with a couple of hours swimming in a heated, but outdoor swimming pool. Honestly, I thought we’d be the only ones there, but when we went to check in, it was packed. But it was a great way to kick off our year of fun. Even with all the shivering when we got out.

We also took up a new hobby of beachcombing. It was more of a way of keeping the girls interested when walking the dog down the beach every day, but it’s quickly grown into a little obsession. We’ve found all kinds of little treasures and weird things wandering along, and picked up quite a lot of rubbish too.

Photos of seaside finds during a beachcombing session

If you’ve never tried beachcombing, this RNLI post will fill you in.
It’s best done just after a storm when the tide is going out, as this is when the sea will leave new things on the beach. Handy for us given the number of storms we’ve had so far!

We made a lot of use out of Worthing Ice Rink too. It’s only a temporary rink, up between November and February half term, but the girls were able to get really good at ice skating in that time, and practically knew all the check in staff by name! The girls already can’t wait for it to come back again later in the year.

OK. We may be crazy, but we have fun

We had a picnic on top of hill in the wind. That was worth it just for the confused looks on dog walkers’ faces as they walked past. Oh, and because Emily found a penis etched into a tree and named it a treenis.

The frequent storms impacted our fun somewhat, but we’ve really made an effort to go out in all weathers. Storm Dennis was the most fun. There were 90mph winds sweeping across the seafront, but we still went down there. Inspired by the seagulls who were flapping away like crazy trying to fly against the wind, we thought we’d have our own turn. It was impossible. We just looked like we were running in slow motion, but not actually getting anywhere. It probably doesn’t sound funny, but it really was.

Time to check in : February

February saw a lot more of the same really. Same shitty weather, beachcombing and ice skating. But we also started spending more time in a little National Trust Woodland near us. I used to go there as a Scout and it’s always been a special place to me. There’s nothing quite so calming as a little check in with nature. Funnily enough I came across an article about forest bathing and realised we’d been doing it accidentally. There’s a whole blog post dedicated to it which you can read here : Forest bathing, what is it? And why do it?

We have spent a fair bit of time up there actually, because the dogs are friendly and so are the fellow walkers. Plus there is loads to do in a secret woodland. We didn’t have as much time to check in there during half term as we would have liked. But we went once and took a disposable BBQ, some sausages & buns with us and did a little outdoor cooking. The girls really enjoyed this, and it was a bit of a talking point amongst all the families and dog walkers going past.
I can see us doing this again in the very near future.

Time to check in with nature by doing some outdoors cooking in a forest

We also went on a hunt for a pack of wild ponies at another local National Trust site. Without a doubt, this outing gave us the most belly laughs. There’s nothing quite like watching your Mum slide down a muddy hill into your half naked sister repeatedly. Well, in Ruby’s opinion anyway. My screaming arm muscles today aren’t really seeing the funny side of that.

March check in

There hasn’t been much time to check in with March just yet.
Although, if the rest of March is going to carry on like the first day, it might be my time to check in on a desert island for a while. Alone.

My children are absolute characters. There’s no doubt about it. They have a huge lust for life and zero fears about anything. They will leap in to everything without a second thought. Most of the time, this is a good thing. But not so much when you decide that the approved ‘paddling’ in the sea, became full on sitting in the freezing sea, fully dressed in a coat and wellies.
Once they were wet, there wasn’t a lot I could do really. So I just let them carry on having fun.

Don’t worry. They were quickly dispatched to having a hot shower, dried off and put into warm clothes.

Time to check in with the seaside again by going paddling in the water with wellies

I don’t think they will be forgetting this year in a hurry. If not for all the crazy belly laughs, for just their love of life.

June will be the next time to check in on our New Years resolution, and I hope to be able to say that we’re still steaming ahead. Although hopefully with less fails, less storms and more sunshine.

So how about you? How have you got on with your own New Years Resolutions?


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